The server is now open.

For a special welcome back pack.  Please post your mc in game name here.

There is a new shop /warp shop , where you can sell more items and buy spawn eggs.

Don't bother making a base in the end.  The end is going to be reset periodically so everyone can have a chance at killing the dragon.

You can also buy spawners from an admin.  You will not be able to move them or silk touch them. Only an admin can place and move them for you.

Prices are:

All animal spawners:   $40,000 stronks
Zombie spawner:        $50,000 stronks
Spider spawner:         $50,000 stronks
Skele spawner:           $60,000 stronks
Blaze spawner:           $80,000 stronks
Enderman spawner:  $100,000 stronks
Creeper spawner:     $120,000 stronks

Please report any issues here on this forum or directly to an admin in game.


CrazyChicken_101 a posted Dec 1, 13
Hai Everyone,

We have a new map with 1.7.2 biomes. YAY!

Everything will be completely reset. No base transfers.

Old players will receive a special "welcome back" donator pack/rank.

Server will be whitelisted for a few days while we make new shops and a new spawn.  Alot of old plugins will no longer work so we are looking at changing the gameplay a little.  You will be able to make money by selling alot of other things beside potatoes and carrots.  You will also be able to buy a pile of things too.

Hope to see old and new faces back on our server soon.

Nisho has full admin privileges so be nice or he'll ban you /  delete your base / spawn an enderdragon outside your base etc etc etc. (kidding!!!)

We have some great ideas and Nisho will be in charge of getting more butts on our server, seeing as the rest of us suck at it.

Have a great day! xD

P.S.  Server will remain at 1.6.4 for the time being.
The server will be whitelisted for testing and maintenance periodically over the next few days.
We are thinking of changing the map for 1.7.2 and making it purely vanilla until bukkit updates with 1.7.2 and all our plugins are working again. ( I expect this to be sometime in the next few weeks)
Meanwhile, I think it would be prudent for you all to move all your precious items to the storage vaults if you have donated.
Although we are will be doing base transfers, you will find that any enchanted books will lose their enchantments on transfer.
If you have not had an admin in to your place to mark it for transfer, please make a comment here.
thank you!!!
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